ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 – 12 Million Volts Flashlight Stun Gun

ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 - 12 Million Volts Flashlight Stun Gun image 001

ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 – 12 Million Volts Flashlight Stun Gun

ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 - 12 Million Volts Flashlight Stun Gun

Great Company
Although I haven’t use it on anyone I am confident that if I did have to use it would perform as described. I have tested unit by just pushing button and a load noise and spark appears that would be used on an assailant. The construction is metal and built like a police type flashlight. The unit is in either flashlight or Taser mode. The unit works as a flashlight and when having a problem you simply turn off flashlight and unit is now a taser. Gave unit to my wife who keeps it in her pocket book and she feels 100 times safer walking back to the car at night no longer alone. The best part of this unit is the company. I had a small problem and contacted company that responded immediately with sending out a new unit without question. It nice to know that the people that sell you their product are behind their product 100 percent and their customer must be satisfied ASAP. I highly recommend this unit for all.
Doesnt work
The flashlight button does not stay in the on position and the stug gun side doesnt work at all even after following the charging instructions.
Equals the playing field.
Looks and works like an ordinary flashlight. Comfortable knowing that the protection is available. Makes the work environment safer from assaults.
Product Features

  • Highest Stabilized Voltage for ANY Flashlight Stun Gun – Rated #1 Flashlight Stun Gun
  • Max Voltage 12,100,000 Volts – Sustained Average Stabilized Voltage – 9,620,271 Volts
  • Dual Safety switches – LED Indicator Lights – EXTREMELY Bright LED Flashlight
  • Comes with a FULL 90-Day Warranty – Lithium Ion Battery for Max Power
  • Includes: TEK-12 Stun Gun Unit, Safety Cover, Charger Cord, Nylon Holster & Manual

Product Descriptions
Description : The ShockTEK TEK-12 Flashlight Stun Gun is not your ordinary flashlight stun gun. The TEK-12 has so much power, the noise emitted is enough to scare off any assailant from over 100+ ft. away. The average stun gun can produce serious voltage only within the first 1-2 seconds of firing, then the power will taper down to less than 30,000 volts leaving you at risk of the assailant. The TEK-12 will be maintaining a sustained average stabilized voltage of over 9+ million volts. The secret behind the TEK-12′s power is its Lithium-Ion battery which is able to retain over 95%+ of its power even when the battery has 10% or less of battery life left. Traditional stun guns contain nickel cadmium batteries which not only take longer to charge, but as the battery life goes down, so does the power. These type of features are ONLY found within ShockTEK Defense products. The additional power from the TEK-12 will not cause any permanent damage to the assailant. Our technology has allowed us to provide our customers with not only a reliable product, but a safe one. After all, the reason for owning a stun gun in the first place is to make sure you are always protected and safe! The TEK-12 flashlight stun gun also features an EXTREMELY bright LED flashlight and a nylon case/holster for your convenience. The TEK-12 also features DUAL safety switches to prevent accidental mis-firing. ShockTEK Defense stands behind every product they sell with a FULL 90-Day warranty. We also offer Standard, Expedited, 2-Day & 1 Day shipping options.

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